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Google’s New Allo Software

Google’s New Allo App Wants To Be The Game Changer Google’s got a new app out called Allo. This app’s primary goal is to beat Facebook’s ‘Messenger’. Considering the features this new app has, it might just give Facebook a run for... read more

Using Your Website To Promote Your Apps

Developing A Website To Promote Your App It goes without saying you’ll need a website to promote your app. Yes there are app stores and so on, but if you don’t have a website that goes into depth regarding your app, then you’re missing out on a major... read more

Where To Promote My App?

Where To Promote My App? The question arises as to ‘Where to promote my app?’, and just like the ‘how to’ article we’ve done, ‘where’ is just as important. As mentioned before, the first place to promote your app is on your... read more
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