An App For Need, Is An App Indeed! | Appbricate

Make Your App Useful To Achieve Success

There are all kinds of apps out there that don’t ever get off the ground, or they wallow around in low numbers, perplexing their developers as to why it’s not the hottest thing in the app world. There are three primary reasons for a developed app’s organic traffic success and we’ll focus on one of them right here: necessity.

If your app serves no purpose other than to look cool, then why would people want it? Gaming apps provide to the necessity to fulfill entertainment. Fishing apps fill the necessity to be better at angling. Cooking apps fulfill the necessity to improve one’s culinary acumen. See the value here?

If your app doesn’t fill a need, a necessity, then all it does is sits there taking up app space and clogging up the app stores’ libraries. You must focus on the core necessity that your app is to target and build up from there.

Nowadays, people who are handicapped need apps too. Matter of fact, if you want your app to fly off the shelves, devote it to helping someone in need. The word ‘need’ being the most important. Look at the various problems people face and what kind of app you can develop that would help them in one way or another. Anyone in dire straits would love an app to get them out of a jam or provide a better quality of life but these apps are in short ratio compared to the razzle dazzle of gaming and entertainment apps. It’s at the point that if you develop a helpful app, it’s going to launch to popularity in a relative short time.

Take for instance the apps targeting the blind. Yes, there are blind people who use computers and smartphones and the new apps are helping them by describing what’s going on on the screen or monitor. This is a long stretch from the old days of braille and is catching on fast and furious.

The reason is, these are markets that are overlooked by app developers. Too many developers are focusing on social media, games, and entertainment, looking to get rich overnight only to find out the competition is so tough that they barely can get out of the gate.

This trend to provide a service is going in step with the way Google’s new search engine optimization or SEO, algorithms are being set up. More to provide a service to surfers than endless spam. The demographics and metrics for ‘necessity apps’ is far and wide. The imagination need not strain itself here. Provide an app that helps people looking for handicapped venues, or finding medical assistance, sales, clothing, professionals, clinical trials, and the like and you’ll have carved out a niche for yourself that in the short and long term will boost your value of brand name which is the only game in town.

So sit back and think of things that you and others would find necessary and develop an app for it. You’ll not only be providing a valuable service for those in need, but you’ll be building a brand name established in trust and generosity.