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How To Promote My App?

Let’s say you’ve developed your first app and you now want the world to find out about it. Well, if you’re willing to do the work and have the patience there are numerous ways to answer the question, “How to promote my app?”.

Basically there are so many venues for promotion and so many variations that it would take a lot of time to explain them all, so for now, in this article we’ll look at the basics and then expand on the topic in other articles.

Your first line of promotion should be via your website. Your site should not only have all the pertinent information regarding what your app is and what it does, but it should also make the surfer want to engage in the activities of your site such as making comments, posting their own personal adventures using your app, etc.. This will make your site look alive to search engines like Google and thus boost your search engine rankings. In your site, you must incorporate the keywords and keyphrases that attract surfers to your site and app. If your app is a game where cute little animals fight for food, then you would add something like “This app is a video game that pits cute little animals battling it out over tasty treats!”, or some such similar copy. People surfing for video games that have cute animals as characters will find your site someway or somehow.

Now to ramp that up further, make sure you have pictures, graphics, and especially videos of your app in action. Use descriptions that invite people to want to take action on your site, mainly to sign up to your site, sign up to your newsletter, download the app, and then comment on it and share the links. When you get people showing up regularly you’ll be building up your email list which is of immense importance. Via your email list, you have opt-in customers and people interested in what you’ve got to offer, that you can pitch new apps and services and products at any time. These people will take part and share so that more come to your site and sign up.

It’s all basic strategy that anchors your position as the one-stop shop for your particular app. You want to include your app’s website URL in all your mailings and in your signatures that you use on specific message boards. Use the message boards wisely. If your app is like the video game posted above with cute animals in it, sign up to a message board where people who love cute pets congregate. They’ll see your ‘sig’ and get curious and click it. When posting on these message boards, never get into fights. Just be the ‘nice guy’ everyone likes who never causes problems and you’ll be building up an audience that can do a lot of promotion for you, for free.

These basic steps are not to be underestimated. They’re part of the foundation you’re building your app’s reputation on. From here you add on to your efforts with other tactics, techniques, and strategies that will get your brand name out there.