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How To Promote Your App Via Facebook

Promoting your app via Facebook is a given way of success. We’ll look at this method in a general overview and discuss fine tuned points later.

Basically, to not use Facebook to promote and market your app would be useless. It’s the world’s largest social media network and growing every day. You can easily get the word out about any product, service, or goods with friends and the public and if well structured, you won’t have to worry about spamming because you own your account and subsequent Facebook pages.

The primary means is to create your own Facebook account. There you gather up a roster of your friends and family to communicate with. You’ll have a maximum of 5,000 friends but that’s not a problem. To skirt the 5,000 friends limit, you create Facebook pages based on your company, products and services. People will ‘like’ the pages and become opt-in subscribers. From there you can promote your app all you want. Don’t smother people with promo because they’ll get annoyed. Instead, spend time communicating about things of interest and when the opportunity arises talk about your app and how to get it. Here is where you use creative means to promote without being spammy and bypassing ad blocking.

Facebook has its advertising venue and many marketers use it. However, with ad blocking software they’ll do you no good. So instead, you build your own presence on Facebook and deal directly with the public and like minded. Let’s say your app allows people to pick which pet foods are best for your particular pet. Well, you would set up Facebook pages based on pets and pet care. You would also create a page featuring your brand name that your app is under. You can put up links to your site and blog where you also promote your app. You can have them join your email list of subscribers there too or purchase or download your app from there.

There’s a myriad of strategies and sub-strategies that you can use and sometimes sheer luck and trial and error provide for considerable success.

Just remember to follow Facebook’s rules and guidelines so you’ll not get banned. Always keep a smile on your face as well. You must not get involved in politics or religion no matter what or you’ll start a firestorm and create enemies instead of customers.