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Local SEO And App Promotion

Far too often people charge right in with Search Engine Optimization and forget one of the most powerful forms of the process, Local SEO. If you’re going to get all the mileage you need regarding promoting your app, Local SEO can go a long way.

Here’s how it works.

Local SEO is nothing more than making sure that the SEO one employs to promote one’s site, includes procedures that focus on one’s particular location. It breaks down from the top to the bottom here. You want people to locate you by country, state, county, town/city, zip code, and even address. All of these are part of the global picture and you can use your location as a promotional tool especially if you live in a big city or a place that has celebrated landmarks, industries, and events. You can tie in said things with your app’s promotion thus covering a wider array of subjects that search engines can find and present.

For example, let’s say your app allows people to operate their home’s security at a distance. Well, your keywords of course would include things related to home security, but your place of business is in, let’s say, Hometown, Pennsylvania. Your Hometown, Pennsylvania address is 123 Alpha Street, zip code 00000. Well you make sure your website reflects this prominently and you make sure it’s on every page, every piece of promo and with all anchor functions on the places you frequent, especially any social media credentials. Your email list, if you have one, should also be where people can find your location down to the last detail. Make sure anyone sending links to your site or if posting citations gets the local information right so that Local SEO can do its job.

This is where you have fun. Let’s say at your locale, there’s a famous sports team, like a football or baseball team. Well, you visit their fan sites, chat it up with the gang and make sure your sig and contact information are visible to the members. Sports teams have thousands if not millions of members at their webpages, message boards, social media pages. Join in on the livelier conversations and let your sig do the rest. Search engines will see the data in your sig and consider you a value to the surfers this way.

Another thing is to attach your site and business with a celebrated event or landmark in your location. People looking for said events or landmarks will find your app promotion in the mix. For example let’s say your business is in the vicinity of Mount Rushmore with the giant Presidents heads chiseled out of the rock face. You would say on your site and promo, “This app was created under the shadow of the great Mt. Rushmore monument featuring (fill in all the president’s names),” etc.. People looking online for Mt. Rushmore stuff have a chance of running into your site and app, sharing it, and sending you targeted organic traffic which is what you need.

There are tons of variations to this theme and we’ll go over more of them later. For now, get your Local SEO game on and promote that app.