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Why Your Brand Name Is Vital In App Promotion

It’s great that you’ve got an entertaining app developed and you’ve got it all dressed up with the bells and whistles you want. Now comes the big challenge, promotion, and that means not only establishing a brand name for your company, but getting that brand name noticed. We’ll look at the importance of branding and promotion as well as some of the ways to get things done right.

Your presence as a producer of any product or service can only be established and remembered via the quality and necessity of such and a brand name and logo that people can recognize and remember. If people don’t know who you are, how are they supposed to buy your app? There are many venues for promotion but still, your name has to pop out amongst the millions of others out there. At the apex, your brand name will be popular and a household name. Establishing success like that is like having free money pour into you bank account.

You can have the coolest app in the world, and people could download it or buy it by the millions, but if they don’t have some name to grasp onto, you’ll still be losing money and promotion, even if you’re raking in the money.

Getting your name out there calls for a multi-layered approach. Of course social media is the biggest venue, but social media isn’t a magic bullet that guarantees success in promoting an app. Social media allows you to get the word out, beyond the barriers of traditional media, but if your app isn’t promoted just right, people will only give it a passing glance. You have to put that product and brand name ‘in’ the hands of the public, let them evaluate it, tell others. This is the fastest and most assured way of building a brand name foundation whereby you can not only launch your present app, but many more to come.

A trusted name in business is all there is. People like to buy from their favorite and trusted brands and if your brand name jumps out and hits a person just right, they’ll remember it and come back for more. One approach is the basic strategy of giving away your app for free and charging for certain accessories like the video game companies do. Giving away an app that does what it says, but tantalizing the buyer to purchase certain entertaining, creative, and necessary accessories, means they’ll stick around as long as the accessory prices aren’t too high. You can even give away free upgrades and accessories and people will see they’ve gotten the best deal from you and not the competition.

If you know anyone who is a celebrity and friend or who might be interested in the subject matter your app represents, ask them to try it out and give you a review. Their fanbase may well become your own, whereby you can build up a vital email list of opt-in subscribers to herald your app and any new ones you’ll develop.

If your app provides a service like finding the best prices for products and services, give out free apps to review sites or public figures like your Congressional representative. If your app meets their agendas, they’ll more than likely promote your app in their postings and emailings.

The bottom line here is to get your brand name out there and build up a fanbase. Soon, people will be speaking your company’s name at every opportunity that fits and that’s like free advertising no one would sneeze at.

Branding, it can make all the difference in the world regarding how to promote your app.