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Developing A Website To Promote Your App

It goes without saying you’ll need a website to promote your app. Yes there are app stores and so on, but if you don’t have a website that goes into depth regarding your app, then you’re missing out on a major way to promote and sell your app.

Your website is your flagship of your app’s brand name. Without a website people can’t find out more about you . Your website will have stories and descriptions about your app, your company, additional services and goods. It’s the banner you wave to get people’s attention to step into your world. Once you have them, you can promote and sell as you like.

Your website is your marketing foundation on the web. It has to be professionally constructed and “Search Engine Optimized” aka SEO. We’ll talk about SEO and websites for apps later but for now, just building the website is required.

If you can’t build a website yourself, there are companies and programs that can do it for free in a matter of hours. You’ll have to maintenance and upgrade the site as well as add a blog, email list auto-responder, graphics, videos, cartoons, and more. You want to sell or give out your app, not just have a flashy looking website. Don’t put too many bells and whistles on your site. You want people to get the gist of what your app is all about and convince them to get it, not sit around looking at flashy graphics and listening to annoying music and auto start videos.

Get to the point and make sure your app’s brand name logo is prominent so people will recognize it no matter where it appears on the web. Have your download link prominent as well. Same goes for sales link. Put them on every page of your site with a description and tags. Google and search engines index pages, not websites, so every page has to have your promo, contact information and download links.

Don’t worry about getting into the top rankings of the search engines, just get your site done and promote it via your social media presence. The search engines will index your site anyway and don’t listen to those fly-by-night companies that claim they can get you to the top of Google overnight. It doesn’t work that way and all you’ll do is waste money.

So get started on that website, make it good and efficient and build up from there.