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Local SEO And App Promotion

Local SEO And App Promotion Far too often people charge right in with Search Engine Optimization and forget one of the most powerful forms of the process, Local SEO. If you’re going to get all the mileage you need regarding promoting your app, Local SEO can go a... read more

How To Promote My App?

How To Promote My App? Let’s say you’ve developed your first app and you now want the world to find out about it. Well, if you’re willing to do the work and have the patience there are numerous ways to answer the question, “How to promote my app?”.... read more

Friday’s Funny Apps!

Friday’s Funny Apps! Let’s take a look at the funnier apps out on the market. These apps range from basic jokes to trivia that is hysterically funny. Many have pictures and themes, videos, and other content that is funnier than a barrel full of monkeys on... read more

Three Useful Apps Coming Atcha’!

With the surge of apps coming in from all over the place, it’s tough to search through them all. Many look appealing but how many of them are of really good use? Here, we’ll look at three apps that actually perform a useful function. PlayTime Internet... read more

Optimize your app: Basic key points

It’s no secret that there needs to be a significant review process in place before you even launch your application on either Google Play or the App Store. The pitfalls of being underprepared include poor reviews, a bad user experience, low sales and ultimately the... read more
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