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How To Promote Your App Via Email Lists

In the world of online marketing, the use of an email list is one of the most important tools you can use to generate leads and sales. Second only to your website, your email list is your lifeblood to maintaining your communications to the public.

Your email list is made up of opt-in subscribers whom have signed up via a link on your website, emails, even social media. It’s the best way to gather a group of people that are interested in you, your products, and services.

The list allows you to send out emails in bulk to your subscribers where you announce your newest products and services, updates, points of interest and more. A well balanced email list not only promotes products and services but also good for giveaways and discounts, humor, stories, videos, cartoons. It’s a friendly way of doing marketing and you can use it to promote and sell your apps easily.

You have to look at the math involved here. If you have an email list that grows to let’s say 5,000 people. These are people who are interested in something about you and your goods. Let’s then say you have a new app you want to promote. It’s easy via your email list because the subscribers are just sitting there waiting for it. Those 5,000 people also are members of social media, message boards, groups, and more. You provide them an app that they need and want and you’re blasting off the platform.

It’s easy to set up an email list with an autoresponder. You can manage your email list with a simple smartphone. With today’s voice search options like Siri, you can add combine audio with text and copy, video, and graphics. One successful sale or download of your app leads to another. If you sell your app via an affiliate program you can get others to promote and sell it and all you do is sit back and collect your money.

Building an email list is easy, maintaining it takes skill but is nowhere near time consuming. You must always be honest however, and keep your word. It’s your email list so you can’t be accused of spamming but you can be accused of abusing the privilege. Don’t send out emails every day. People don’t have time for it. Once or twice a week suffices.

So don’t underestimate the value of an email list to sell your apps. It’s a logical and efficient means of online marketing.